Soccer is the world’s most popular sport, especial deeply loved by the people among the United States and Europe, same as the cheap soccer jerseys. Even in China, more and more younger love this sport and play soccer together with friends joining in the club. According to Chinese historical record, the earliest form of soccer is Chinese competitive game named “cuju”. In Han Dynasty, “Cuju” is a way of training soldiers, have a more complete system. Such as plan a special ground which is the rectangular with the east and west direction, both ends of the six symmetrical “Ju domain” also known as “Ju room”, each by a guard. There is a fence around the site. The game is divided into two teams, either attack or defense, the way to select the winner is according to the number of playing into the other side of Ju room and fans buy the named number soccer jerseys from China for a long collection.
Soccer is not only as a sport as well as an entertainment project, but have its special value. Over the years, Kai Fa, a Chinese enterprise, has been committed to the game, public welfare, sports, and entertainment, the four major projects development. on the last weekend, Kay Fa “green public welfare” project put into practice in the Xianyang Teachers College. This company offered a dynamic and loving public welfare activities to the school campus soccer team, he brings the wholesale soccer jerseys for his teammates. The main purpose of this project is to sponsor the students to organize the campus soccer league, which can be a wonderful campus soccer game for this year’s graduates. There are a total of 16 colleges to participate in the league, and the company is sent a number of soccer, nearly 20 soccer jerseys from China to the graduates of 2013 in Sports Institute. That would make them have a new outlet to participate in the competition.
The socer game held in the afternoon, graduates of 2013 in Sports Institute wearing the Kai-sponsored West Bromley jerseys against the Institute of Tourism and Resources and Environment in the first game,to 3: 1 victory over the opponent, and obtain a good start. Then there are three games for group stage, I firmly believe that under the care of the new , they can be promoted to the knockout! The green public welfare activities, embodies their loves and support for social welfare and Chinese soccer dream. The small love into a big love, with this love dream and enterprise’s sense of social responsibility, they Will continue to pay attention to the development of campus soccer, as always, support the majority of students campus soccer dream, make an effort to achieve the majority of the students dream of soccer.
Dream is a big power for the enterprise and the individual. On Chinese other side, a senior student becomes soccer equipment full-time designers, and design 80 soccer jerseys for the company. Luanxing was born in Qingdao, Shangdong, China, who is the soccer fan from his childhood. And he graduated from Hubei University of Technology School of Art. He has a great dream. That is everyone can see the designed by him in every soccer competition in the whole China city. Luan Xingye recalled that senior internship period, he recommended into the Calle company, to participate in the design of the jerseys. He received the first task is to design women cheap soccer jerseys from China for the Beijing Normal University, because of this design, he was selected by the design director of the company phase, and joined the 2017 China Soccer Association B League team jerseys design. During that month, he slept only three or four hours a day, the final jerseys available, the fans very like them and told him that is the most fantasty design. Luan Xingye has professional ability in jerseys design and is also very eye-catching in the company’s design team. At present, they have stretched out his olive branch.

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